League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Rapids Area

Sustaining our democratic society since 1970

Additional League Activities

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Rapids Area activities include a number of occasions throughout the year during which the members meet or get together for various purposes.

Lively Issues Meeting

Every year near the beginning of the year, usually in February, there is an informal meeting at which we discuss the things we might want to study and act on at the local, state and national level. This meeting often involves a pot-luck supper.

Annual Business Meeting and Dinner

Around April the League has it's annual business meeting and dinner. Officers for the ensuing year are elected at this time and the League budget is approved. Our program of local studies is also approved at this meeting. It's also a great time for a little socializing.

State and National Conventions

Every June selected members attend the state convention of the League of Women Voters. Every other June, our local League president or appointee usually attends the National League of Women Voters Convention.


In mid-summer we have a picnic and hear reports from members who attended state and/or national conventions. It is also an opportunity to do a little socializing.

General Meetings

There are usually three general meetings held throughout the year to discuss subjects that are of interest to all members.

Group Meetings

Throughout the year various groups of League members assemble to study, discuss, and make decisions regarding proposed actions.