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Health Issues

Public Health

The local LWV began a study of Public Health in their early years. At that time the city of Wisconsin Rapids had a health department, but the other communities and the county did not.

We agreed to support:

  • Access to availability of adequate medical care for all residents of the Wisconsin Rapids Area.
  • The concept of a comprehensive Health Planning on a local and area basis.
  • The formation of a Health Department designed to meet the needs of Wood County.

League members talked to their individual county supervisors and asked them to support these ideas.

The Wood County Health Department was established a few years later. In the early 1990's we restudied the Health Department and suggested restructuring the Health Department to meet the changing needs of Wood County. This was subsequently accomplished.

Wood County Jail

In 1974 we studied the Wood County Jail and health was an important factor in this study.

In order to help inmates better adjust to society upon release, the League supported a policy of humane confinement which will ensure inmates' lawfully prescribed civil rights and offer materials and services to meet inmates' physical, mental and emotional needs.

Day Care for Elderly and Handicapped

We surveyed the community in 1985 and determined there was a need for day care for these residents of our area. We were aware of problems implementing such a program, but were pleased that such a program was eventually started in Wisconsin Rapids.

Local Air Quality

In 1993 we began a study of Local Air Quality with emphasis on health and environmental impacts, and reporting procedures.

Then in 1996 we supported:

  • Regulation and reduction of toxic air pollutants to improve air quality and to protect public health.
  • Participation in public discussions on issues related to air quality.

We participated with the DNR in a survey of children's breathing problems in the Wisconsin Rapids Area.

In 1999 we cosponsored along with the Daily Tribune and the Wisconsin DNR an informational meeting on the Witter Field Urban Toxic Air Emissions Report.

We also became a member of the Technical Advisory Group to work on revision of Wisconsin air quality code.

In 2002 we again sponsored a public forum on air pollution rules, and chemicals in South Wood County air with the DNR and Division of Health participating.

Mercury Pollution

Our President testified at a hearing of the DNR on the problems associated with a local plant procedure using mercury to produce chlorine for industries. We are very happy that the company using this procedure has announced that they will be converting to a much better system for making the chlorine that does not involve mercury.