League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Rapids Area

Sustaining our democratic society since 1970

Education Issues

Actually everything the League does has to do with education. It started out that way during it's early history when one of it's prime functions was to educate women, particularly about voting. Our mode of operation entails study and then action. The following give some idea of the nature of our efforts.

Since the local LWV began we have distributed factual information on government and governmental issues to schools,libraries and other organizations in our area.

One of our first projects after the local League was organized in 1969 was the preparation of a Know Your Town publication. This publication which was distributed in 1970. This was a 50 page booklet researched, edited, printed and distributed by the League. It covered many items including such things as our city government, school district organization, etc.

We have held many public meetings with impartial information on government to local citizens. When the marital property law changes were being considered by our state government, the League provided speakers for local organizations to explain the implication of the proposed changes.

Along with the Chamber of Commerce, we conducted a "Everything You Wanted to Know About Running for Public Office" workshop on how to run for public office.

We conduct a variety of forums throughout election years covering the various elective offices.

We studied the building of the new Lincoln High School and the remodeling of the junior high schools when those improvements were proposed and subsequently supported the proposed program. We then supported the bond issue pertaining to the building program and helped get it passed.

We sponsored a public forum on Kindergarten through grade 12 financing and the impact of revenue caps for Wisconsin schools with specific input from Nekoosa, Port Edwards and Wisconsin Rapids Area school officials.

We worked with the students and teachers in the Social Studies Department of Lincoln High School to produce a " How to Vote in Wisconsin" video for Hmong and other new residents. This video has been revised every presidential election year and will continue to be revised as changes are made in voting laws. The League also makes this video available to Leagues in other cities.

In 1992 the League initiated the "Kids Vote" mock elections in Rapids schools. This involved presenting and distributing election educational materials to schools along with materials to encourage voting. This culminated in enthusiastic mock election at the various schools.

In 2004 the "Kids Vote" mock elections were replaced by the "Smart Vote Congress" which is facilitated by the public schools and the League working together.

The League also sponsors the "Fred Dahm/Smart Vote Scholarship" given to a student of Lincoln High School.

Knowledge and education will always continue to be the primary driving force behind our local League of Women Voters.