League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Rapids Area

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League Activities

League interests and activities are not limited to any one particular issue or activity, but cover many local, state, national and international interests and concerns. How the league goes about selecting and implementing these studies and actions and some of the more recent activities they involve are described in "Studies and Actions". (See Study and Action)

These numerous and varied activities are intended to benefit our local citizens and communities and we invite you to join us in working toward the goals they are designed to accomplish.

Although it's difficult to strictly categorize all our activities, most of them can be conveniently divided into several general areas that pertain to Government, Education, Health and Environment. Often these will overlap.

The League Activities links at the left of this page will lead you to a synopsis of our efforts in these areas. The "Other" link picks up on some of the additional activities that are associated with the League and the "Activity Pictures" link takes you to some pictures of League activities and events.